Tyler, Texas | Patrick Norman | Script Shop Episode 033

Logline for Tyler, Texas

"A tormented African-American veteran kills two brutal Klansmen on a journey west, finding peace only after helping a Caucasian woman and her family in Texas."

About Patrick Norman

I was raised in San Mateo, Calif. during the 60's and 70's. I worked for a large Investment company in San Mateo before moving to San Diego to become a Beach Lifeguard. I met my wife at a Giants / Padres game in San Diego.  Giants won! Hahaha!

I come from a large Irish / Danish family where my father was the center of world. He was a very loving, gentle soul, amazingly funny, energetic and a crafty storyteller. I probably inherited a love of life, reading and storytelling from him.

I enjoy sailing, playing chess, Risk and Scrabble. I love nature and being in the woods, hiking and spend as much time as possible with my wife and two boys.  

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