Viv Through the Night | Jared Egol | Script Shop Episode 024

Logline for Viv Through the Night

"A grieving daughter struggles to come to terms with her life after her mother splits into two personalities, and the only personality capable of loving the daughter is dying of a terminal illness."

About Screenwriter Jared Egol

Jared Egol studied creative writing at the University of Florida with the intention of entering medical school. He instead went on to Chapman University, where he received his MFA in Screenwriting, studying under Julie Kirkham, Tom Mankiewicz, Larry Gross and Ron Friedman, who subsequently hired Jared to assist in the writing of his memoir: I KILLED OPTIMUS PRIME.

Jared resides in Florida, where he has written professionally since 2013. Away from work, Jared dabbles in powerlifting and continues to study medicine, trying to stay up-to-date on clinical and bioethical advancements, particularly in the fields of pain science, narrative medicine, and psychoneuroimmunology. He is repped by Derrick Eppich of Lee Stobby Entertainment.

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