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Logline for Wonderland

"In the warped underworld of Wonderland, a disgraced detective grapples with enemies and his sanity, on a destructive journey to discover what happened to the missing dreamer he once loved."

About Ted Wilkes

Ted Wilkes is a Screenwriter and Lecturer in Screenwriting and Film Studies at Regent's University, London. When he is not playing in fantastical worlds or fighting with spellcheck, he is thinking things about film and TV that don't need to be thought. He lives in London with his partner and wishes that he had a dog.

Films of his have been screened at festivals around the world including: Dublin Sci-Fi Film Festival, Miami Sci-Fi Film Festival and the New Zealand Film Awards.

His latest project, a short documentary about youth LGBT+ homelessness in partnership with the Albert Kennedy Trust, will screen at BFI Flare later this year.

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