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Logline for Yours Are Mine

"When a high school tutor discovers a painful secret about her favorite client, she is quickly triggered by a similar darkness from her own past."

About Brooke Trantor

“Yours are Mine” is Brooke’s official directorial debut.
Brooke has been acting her entire life, studying at the
British American Drama Academy and she received her
BFA in Acting from Illinois Wesleyan University. After
falling in love with improvisation in the eighth grade,
she went on to study at Second City, UCB, iO and
Groundlings. Her last short film “Night Four” toured the
world in the festival circuit, premiering at the esteemed
Outfest in Los Angeles. She takes pride in her versatility
as a filmmaker and writer: while “Yours are Mine” is
filled with heavy doses of pulling-at-the-heartstrings,
her latest series Botanical Baes was just featured in The
Los Angeles Times. Brooke is honored to share her story
with the community, and is passionate and determined
to continue to lift women up in the entertainment
industry. (

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