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Holdup | Chris Pinner | Script Shop Episode 006

  Holdup Logline “‘Chris is irresponsible and unmotivated, and is having a pretty bad day. But after losing his job, and finding himself in awkward crime, he’ll find friendship in the most unlikeliest of places.” About Screenwriter Chris Pinner Chris Pinner is a guy from New Orleans who’s currently living in Chicago. He graduated with a...

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Concrete Jungle | Ron Podell | Script Shop Episode 005

Concrete Jungle Logline “‘Mean Streets’ as if inspired by Springsteen. The narrator, speaking in poem, guides this story of street hustlers and the downtrodden doing what they can to survive in the concrete jungle.” About Screenwriter Ron Podell Ron Podell is a screenwriter who resides in Laramie, Wyoming. To date, Podell has written four feature...

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Something Missing | Gabriel Lang | Script Shop Episode 004

  Something Missing Logline “Martin Railsback is no ordinary thief.  Not only is he a little OCD, and a bit of a germaphobe, he mostly acquires groceries and household items with the occasional diamond earring or silver serving tray to sell on eBay.  Oh, and he steals from the same people over and over again...

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Nasty | Sean Patrick Leonard | Script Shop Episode 003

Nasty Screenplay Logline “On the night of their monthly book club, 6 friends are reeling from the effects of the new administration and the Women’s March that followed soon after. On this particular night these women decide to take things into their own hands.” About Screenwriter Sean Patrick Leonard Born and bred on Chicago’s Northside,...

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The Goldenhill Fortune | Michael Peake | Script Shop Episode 002

The Goldenhill Fortune Screenplay Logline “When a stranger from the past comes to Wilber and Reginald Goldenhill, the two brothers relive a childhood they never knew had.” About Screenwriter Michael Peake “The aspect of writing and producing my own films came out of the desire to act in things that I wanted to push myself...

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Skinner | Leah Watson | Script Shop Episode 001

  Skinner Screenplay Logline “A gentle young man struggles to survive in the ranks of a brutal post-apocalyptic gang, but when the gang diverts from an evening of ghost stories to prey upon a lone young woman, he discovers that real monsters are found in the most unexpected places and unspeakable horrors may hold the...

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